Display the Quick Launch bar

The Quick Launch bar is a list of shortcuts to your favorite programs. You can use the Quick Launch bar to open programs with a single click, without having to go through the Start menu. Microsoft Windows XP displays the Quick Launch bar by default, so it might already be part of your taskbar. Look for the Quick Launch bar directly to the right of your Start button.

If you have disabled your Quick Launch bar, you can display it by right-clicking your taskbar, clicking Toolbars, and then clicking Quick Launch.

The Toolbars shortcut menu with Toolbars and then Quick Launch selected

Windows XP displays the Quick Launch bar, which by default shows shortcuts for opening Microsoft Internet Explorer and for displaying your desktop. Other programs might add a shortcut to the Quick Launch bar, too.

To start a program, just click the shortcut.

The Quick Launch bar with the Window Media Player shortcut selected

With the Quick Launch bar displayed on your taskbar, your favorite programs are just a click away.


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