Change the picture on your Welcome screen

By default, each user account in Microsoft Windows XP has a standard picture (such as a chess set, a dog, or an astronaut) associated with it. If you'd like to make the picture more personal, you can add your own image for each account. Changing pictures is fun, and it makes it easier for young children to use your computer.

To change the picture on the Welcome screen


Log on to your computer as an administrator.


Click Start, and then click Control Panel.

Start menu with Control Panel selected


Under Pick a category, click User Accounts.

Control Panel window with User Accounts selected


Under or pick an account to change, click the account you want to choose a picture for.

User Accounts window with account selected


Under What do you want to change..., click Change the picture.

User Accounts window with Change the picture selected


Click Browse for more pictures.

User Accounts window Pick a new picture page with Browse for more pictures selected


Click the picture you want to display for that account, and then click Open.

Browsing My Pictures folder with image and Open button selected

Windows XP displays the picture on the Welcome screen for the account you selected. To choose pictures for other accounts, return to step 3.


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