Activate the Guest user account

Published: September 7, 2006

Microsoft Windows XP includes a Guest user account, so people can use your computer without having a permanent user account. By default, the Guest user account is disabled, meaning that only users you've specifically authorized to do so can use your computer. If you want guests to be able to use your computer, you can enable the Guest user account. When logged on as a Guest, your friend can use your computer, but your friend cannot access your password-protected files.

To enable Guest access


Log on as an administrator.


Click Start, and then click Control Panel.

The Start menu with Control Panel selected


Click User Accounts.

The Pick a category page with User Accounts selected


Under or pick an account to change, click Guest.

Guest icon selected on User Accounts page


On the Do you want to turn on the guest account? page, click the Turn On the Guest Account button.

Do you want to turn on the guest account? page

Now the Guest account is enabled. Alternately, you can disable the Guest account and set up your computer so that only one person can use it.


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