Add a Map Drive button to the toolbar

Published: September 7, 2006

If you have more than one computer running Microsoft Windows XP connected to your home network, you can share folders between them so you can open files on one computer even if they’re stored on another. To make it easier to connect to a shared folder, you can add a Map Drive button to your Windows Explorer toolbar. This button provides a fast link to the shared folder.

To add a Map Drive button


Click Start, and then click My Computer.

The Start menu with My Computer selected


Right-click the toolbar, and then click Customize.

The toolbar shortcut menu with Customize selected


The Customize Toolbar dialog box appears. In the Available toolbar buttons list, click Map Drive, and then click Add. To be able to remove mapped drives using a toolbar button, select Disconnect, and then click Add.

Customize Toolbar dialog box with Map Drive selected in list of Available toolbar buttons


Click Close.

Customize Toolbar dialog box with the Close button selected

The Map Drive button appears on your toolbar. To map a network drive, click the Map Drive toolbar button. The toolbar button has exactly the same effect as clicking the Tools menu and then clicking Map Network Drive.

The Map Drive button

For more information about customizing toolbars, read Change your toolbars.


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