How to Access Frequently Used Items in Windows 7 with Jump Lists?How to Access Frequently Used Items in Windows 7 with Jump Lists?ump list is a handy

ump list is a handy way to have access to the recently as well as frequently used items on the computer. Jump Lists can be seen on the Taskbar and the Start menu when you right-click on an icon. Jump Lists function as small Start Menus which are application-specific. They can also be found on the icons of applications specifically pinned to the taskbar or the Start menu.

In the previous versions of Windows, it was not very easy and convenient to access frequently used websites, files etc through the jump list. . It allows you to get quick access to frequently used items in Windows 7.

Access Frequently Used Items In Windows 7 Using Jump lists

Jump List Feature for Internet Explorer

Right click a program icon on the Taskbar.

Click the first letter of an item to jump between them after you open the Windows 7 jump list.

Jump List Feature in the Start Menu

This feature makes helps you get easy access to the recently opened items on your computer.

How to Clear Jump List History

  • Right click on Start.
  • Select Properties.
  • Choose Start Menu tab
  • Uncheck the first or second or even both the boxes if you want under Privacy. This will clear the history of Start Menu or Taskbar items or both.

The improved feature helps you access frequently used items in Windows 7 in a better as well as easier way. It makes your navigation quicker.

Use Short Keys on the Keyboard to access frequently used items using Jump Lists

Windows 7 provides you with another method to access the Jump List feature. This method is by using the short keys on your keyboard. Windows 7 comes with a built-in shortcut key. This shortcut key can open up the Jump Lists for the earliest nine icons on the taskbar. So for the taskbar icon, use the shortcut key Win+Alt+1 to open the Jump List.


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